Make an informed decision about which general farm organization will represent you this year. By joining the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA), you will be a member of Canada’s largest farm organization and be part of the voice of agriculture in Ontario.


  1. A Trusted Reputation: More than 38,000 farmers know that the OFA is the most powerful voice for Ontario farm families. We have 75 years of results to prove it.
  2. Low Cost Value: For only 53 cents a day — that’s less than a cup of coffee — members gain a strong on local issues, personal service, strong representation to all levels of government, and so much more.
  3. Reduced Taxes: Our work has eliminated Land Transfer taxes for farms sold within families and brought in HST tax credits for farm trucks. Most recently the OFA protected farm buildings from increased property taxes, including seasonal bunkhouses, value-added enterprises and equine facilities.
  4. Local Leadership: The OFA is the only general farm organization that employs 18 skilled Member Service Representatives across the province who assist farmers with any issue affecting their farm business.
  5. Perks on and off the Farm: OFA Member Benefit Partners offer unbeatable discounts for farm families, including farm insurance, discounts at leading retail stores, health and dental insurance, cell phone plans and equipment, credit card programs and many other exclusive deals.
  6. Securing a Future for Food: Our policy work with the Canadian Federation of Agriculture is bringing the first National Food Strategy to Canada that will safeguard our future food supply.
  7. Research for Tomorrow: The OFA policy and research team is constantly identifying new issues that can affect your day-to-day farm operation, from green energy solutions to municipal drainage, balancing interests for species at risk, to all-candidates’ meetings at election time.
  8. Strong Partnerships: Our work with the MNR brought solutions for elk and predator damage; partnering with OASC is supporting business risk management programs; and meetings at Queen’s Park brought stronger Environmental Farm Plans and reinstated original MicroFIT rates for thousands of farmers.
  9. Supporting Young Farmers: The OFA Task Team on Beginning Farmers aims to make the Farm Business Registration program accessible to new farmers. We are also a proud supporter of the Junior Farmers’ Association of Ontario and Canada’s Young Farmers Forum.
  10. Bottom Line — We Bring Results: In recent years, our efforts have returned over $1 billion in savings for Ontario farmers – that’s nearly $20,000 per farm family!

Experience how an OFA membership can deliver results for you.
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To learn more about the many more advantages an OFA membership provides, visit or call them toll free at 1-800-668-3276.