KLHFA   Kawartha Lakes Haliburton Federation of Agriculture (KLHFA) Bursary

A $500 bursary is available to sons/ daughters of OFA members that are in good standing for the purpose of funding their post secondary education. Students that wish to apply for this bursary must apply to the KLHFA in writing before the 1st of September in the year the applicant is to start his or her post secondary education. A maximum of one successful applicant will be selected from each of the high schools in region (i.e. IEWSS, LCVI, FFSS, HHSS). A selection committee composed of KLHFA executive members will make selection of the successful applicant. Grades, proof of enrollment and a short letter from the applicant explaining why they deserve the funds will be required.

A second year bursary is available to the recipient of the bursary that was presented at graduation. The amount of this second bursary is to be $500. To qualify for the second bursary the candidate must achieve a minimum of a 65% average in their first year of studies and show proof of enrollment in the second year of studies. The application form will be given to the candidate when he or she receives their first bursary with no more responsibility to the KLHFA. Applications must be received by the KLHFA before the 1st of September in the year the applicant is to receive the funds. It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide proof of enrollment and final first year grades.

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